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Judging Criteria - Humanitarian

Humanitarian entries will be scored based on the following:

  • Innovation and Ingenuity – Is this solution cutting-edge and unique from its competitors? Does it creatively solve a problem or leverage an opportunity in a way not demonstrated in other programs?

  • Functional and Practicality – How practical and useful is the solution? Has it been applied in a real-world situation? Does it serve a true need to improve the human condition?

  • Implementation and Scalability – How easy is the solution to use or implement? Could it be easily transferred to a different context (i.e., region, disaster zone)?

  • Legacy – What is the lasting impact of this solution? Was it a one-off or did the solution create an ongoing program?

  • Impact – Consider the impact of this solution on efforts to save lives, improve health and relieve hardship and suffering. 

A special thanks to our sponsor of the Humanitarian category:   

Judges will evaluate and score your product based solely on your online entry