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Judging Criteria - Operations and Safety

Operations and Safety entries will be scored on the following:

  • Roles and Responsibilities and Company Structure – Have you developed clear safety roles and responsibility guidelines? Is this structure practical, usable and appropriate?

  • Safety Systems Management – Have you implemented a safety management system in place? What level of detail does this system include?

  • Remote Crew Qualifications, Airmanship – Do remote crews under your direction undertake additional courses, such as CRM & Non technical skills training, team and safety related courses?

  • Emergency Response Plan and Procedures – Have you implemented an emergency response plan? How many times has this been tested? Is training conducted based on this plan?

  • Risk Assessment / Job Safety Assessments – Have you developed and implemented a risk matrix and risk management system? Does system track their near misses and incidents? Does the risk management system allow for improvement in their risk management due to their ‘lessons learned’? Are trainings provided for risk mitigation strategies?

  • Accident and Incident Reporting Criteria – Have you developed and implemented accident and reporting criteria? Is the criteria regularly utilized? Is the criteria comprehensive?

Judges will evaluate and score your product based solely on your online entry. Winners for all categories will be determined by the time we arrive at XPONENTIAL 2019.