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Judging Criteria

XCELLENCE in Innovation, XCELLENCE in Operations and
XCELLENCE in Technology

XCELLENCE in Innovation, Operations and Technology entries will be scored on the following:

  • Innovation and Ingenuity – Is this solution cutting-edge and unique from its competitors? Does it creatively solve a problem or leverage an opportunity in a way not demonstrated in other solutions? Is the idea revolutionary?

  • Functionality and Practicality – How practical and useful is the solution? Does it serve a true need in the marketplace? Are there limitations to the functionality and application of the solution? Consider regulatory, technological, and industry constraints.

  • Value, Impact and Effectiveness – How valuable or impactful is this solution? What reach does the solution have across the market?

  • Ease of Use/Implementation and Scalability – How easy is the solution to use or implement? Does it require specific training, and if so, how much?

  • Bonus Points – Judge's discretion to award extra points for "Wow Factor," timeliness, market criticality, or other factors.

Judges will evaluate and score your product based solely on your online entry.